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  • Michael Melendrez

You Should Take a Notebook on Your Next Date

So you got a hot date this weekend and you’re thinking this really could be the one.

During the date, you talk to your companion about so many things:

  • Favorite places to eat

  • Where they’d like to live when they settle down

  • What they do for a living

  • Long term/short term goals

While we are discussing topics that can affect the rest of our lives…no one is taking notes!!

It is fair to say that if you pulled out a notebook (or dictaphone) during dinner that your date would most definitely go the the restroom and not return.

There are other life changing meetings where a notebook is quite socially acceptable. They are called…interviews.

Bring A Notebook To Your Interview, Please!

For many my age, we shopped long and hard for that perfect leather bound portfolio that we could carry proudly into an interview. We made sure to have questions written out and our resume printed out on fine card stock. We even thought to write out some questions to ask the interviewer.

We’ve noticed over the last number of years that the traditional portfolio has lost favor. That’s cool because it is kinda old school, but we decided to track for a month who simply brought something to take notes with. Sadly, only 14% of people brought any type of doodling supplies to the interview.

Since the numbers are so low, I want to say this loud and clear. It is socially acceptable to

bring a notepad to an interview. We asked a client about this topic and she said:

When a candidate doesn’t bring something to write with, it shows me that they don’t put much importance into the conversation. It definitely affects my decision on who to bring back.

I really don’t understand why people stopped bringing notebooks. How could you not want to take notes to review later as you get ready for the next round or to make a decision about an offer? So much is covered during an interview:

  • Next steps

  • Job responsibilities

  • Career Path

  • Company Culture

  • Company Growth

  • Continuing education programs

If you still aren’t convinced to stop at Walgreens on the way to your next interview, think of this. It will cost you at most $5.99 and will set you apart from 86% of the people you are competing against for the job.

Even if you just draw your dog during the interview, the hiring manager will think that you took keen interest in the conversation and thought highly enough about them to jot down some highlights.

Now go get your notebook!


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