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Who should you trust with your brand?


That is a key question that many people don’t think about when evaluating a recruiting firm.

In today’s competitive marketplace, assume that every company has access to top candidates. One crucial element that drives many candidates’ decision-making is company culture. You need someone who thoroughly understands your brand and can market it as if it were their own. We sit down with you and your team to learn why they work there and what truly makes the work environment unique. Differentiating your company from the pack is what enables us to bring the most highly sought-after technologists to your table.

Your Recruiting Department


We operate as an extension of your team, not an agency tasked with filling empty seats. Starting with a deep-dive process that allows us to understand the root of your culture, your business offering, and your team, we develop a customized Wheel of Fit for the role. Following our unique process, we go to the talent market to effectively market and sell your opportunity.

The Match


“We only hire A-players.” We hear that in every meeting (so where do all the B-players work?). It is true that every firm we work with hires only A-players, but our success starts with working with you in defining what an A-player is to you.

Technical skills | Client Presence | Mentoring | Project Planning | Avid foosball player

Once you set us on that path we are able to not only find a great technical match but someone who will fit seamlessly into your family.

Our Track Record

  • 90 percent of our clients have used us for multiple hires

  • For one client, we’ve made 90 percent of their hires- helping them grow from 14 to 35 employees

  • Serial entrepreneurs treat us like a member of their team and work with us to grow every company they develop.

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