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  • Michael Melendrez

Transform Your Company Culture with a “Best Answer Wins” Policy

You’ve been working hard to build a brilliant and collaborative team but something is still missing. What could it be? Why is your team of bright and accomplished professionals not delivering the innovative transformations you’ve been hoping for?

If you're not getting the results you want, you may be tempted to doubt the team you put together. What if the issue is not the quality and makeup of your team, but insead that their innovative potential is not being encouraged?

One way to bring out the best in your people is to empower them to speak up through a “best answer wins” policy.

What is “Best Answer Wins”

“Best Answer Wins” asserts that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, regardless of tenure, level, background or department,

Encouraging your employees to share ideas and solutions freely even if doing so crosses invisible boundaries like rank or department, will drive change and innovation within your company.

Innovative Ideas and Solutions Can Come from Anywhere

You may be thinking “will this policy lead to unnecessary discussions and slower decision making?” Not necessarily! Sure, not every suggestion or idea someone brings to the table is going to be a winner and it will take time to receive and consider ideas but when the right idea comes along it’s worth it.

After all, you don’t want the solution to a major logistics issue hiding in a cubicle because it’s living silently in the mind of a bright but junior team member.

You can make the process more efficient by putting structures and protocols in place so that employees know when and how to share their ideas in a way that works for your company. Maybe you set aside time at the end of meetings for an open forum, or perhaps you ask employees to email ideas to their supervisor. Whatever the method, the open sharing of ideas will be a huge asset.

When Employees Feel Heard, They Feel Happy

Giving your employees a voice is essential to the success of your company and their satisfaction and happiness at work. When people feel heard, they feel valued and appreciated which in turn inspires them to take ownership and do their best.

The policy promotes a culture of inclusiveness where diverse people feel like they belong and are comfortable sharing their ideas and moving forward as a team.

This is one of many ways you can shake things up.


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