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  • Michael Melendrez

Looking for Greener Pastures?

It's normal for you to think about, and even talk about, leaving your job. Red Circle works through these conversations with folks like you every day, and through these conversations, we've noticed a theme. When you tell us you're ready to look outside of your current company, your focus is always on your current situation.

Totally understood, as it's right there top of mind. Lack of leadership, lack of talent development, not receiving opportunities to advance your career, or it's nothing's happening at the pace you'd like to see.

All this is important as you look for greener pastures, but there's another side.

Important Questions to Ask Before You Resign

  • What are you excited to find next?

  • What would make you love going to work every day?

In most cases, you just haven't put enough thought into it. You know what's definitely not working, you kinda know what you'd like, but you think that everyone's reasons are the same, and so the analysis ends there. Better financial opportunities, better career advancement, more work from home.

Okay, what else?

  • What's your dream?

  • Do you look for company culture?

  • What about a company's culture is compelling to you?

  • What does company culture even mean?

Do you want to help build a product that is going to change the world, or are you looking for more creature comforts? Maybe you'd like to find a company with a socially responsible leadership team. Maybe it's as simple as an office that allows you to bring your doggo to work.

Focus on you and your future.

There are a lot of great jobs out there, but finding the perfect opportunity takes a bit of you work. By doing this, you are giving yourself a lens through which you can look for and find the next company to call home.

Happy YOU work!


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