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  • Michael Melendrez

Have You Checked Your Voicemail Greeting Lately?

This question came to mind last week when I called on someone that applied for a job. His voicemail greeting was as follows:

Hey, you reached Joe. Leave a message and I might call you back.

Your Voicemail is Just The Beginning

Although “Joe’s” resume was quite compelling, the voicemail greeting raised questions around the rest of his communication skills. Why would someone spend what seemed to be a considerable amount of time detailing his professional experience and not take a few extra steps prior to posting the resume? Your voicemail is just the beginning, check out several more must-do's before submitting your resume.

Complete This Checklist Before Sending Out Resumes

When starting a job search, much thought goes into major items like a resume, cover letter and interview attire but it’s the little things that could put you ahead (or hold you back). Here are a few items one should review prior to sending out resumes:

  • Change your voice mail greeting (see above)

  • Avoid quirky or shared email addresses. Email accounts are free from so save the or for personal emails

  • Always answer your phone expecting it can be a hiring manager

  • Check your voicemail before calling the number on your caller ID. You could have a voice mail from your dream job

  • Call back if you get caught at a bad time. Don’t waste your chance by taking a call on the L or telling the hiring manager “I can squeeze you in”

If you are like most people, you recorded your voice mail greeting the last time you switched phone companies. Do you even know what it says? Take a few minutes to check it as that dream job is just around the corner.

Happy Hunting!


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