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Try Not To Suck

At first glance, this advice may look like a pessimist’s view to interviewing (or doing anything, for that matter), but you can’t deny that it worked pretty well for Joe Maddon. He used the slogan as a foundational block of wisdom for his 2017 Chicago Cubs team, and they ended up winning their first World Series in 108 years.

Sure, the Cubs had a whole lot of talent heading into the 2016 season, more than has been seen on the North Side since….well, maybe ever. But even with such a talented roster, the Cubs were still told by their chief, “Try not to suck.” Meaning? Solid defense, quality pitching, and limited mental errors. (Some baseball movie fans might recall a scene from Bull Durham that includes a similar summary of the fundamentals of the sport.)

Today we talk about just that: the basics. Whether you’re a veteran to the workforce or a rookie looking for that big break, if you don’t follow the basic rules of the game, you’re bound to get tripped up–regardless of talent.

Here is our list of the building blocks upon which a game-winning job search can be built. Some have a full blog post of their own (follow links), and others you will see in the near future.

Interviewing Small Ball

  • Research the Company

  • Research your Interviewer and other Key Employees

  • Dress to Impress (To Suit or Not To Suit).

  • Bring a Notebook…AND TAKE NOTES

  • Have a Prepared List of Questions…and ASK Them

  • Be able to clearly explain what you are looking for in your next position/company & WHY

  • Follow-up and Say Thank You

Happy Interviewing!


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