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  • Michael Melendrez

Forget What Mom Said, It's Ok to Brag

You have the interview scheduled for what so far, looks like a kick-ass role with a team that seems to rock the way you do. You have started to punch through the interview checklist:

  • Get suit from cleaners (maybe not a full suit but your go-to power ensemble) …check.

  • Company research…check.

  • Write out list of questions to ask interviewers…check!

Have you put ample thought into how you will answer the questions that are thrown your way? More importantly, how will you tell YOUR story within the framework of the questions asked?

  • Think 3-5 of your projects that really illustrate who you are and align with where you are headed ...check.

Consider including projects you managed, success stories and even one that had to be pulled out of the fire. Telling solid stories around your successful projects is a great way to separate yourself from the pack.

It may be odd to think about it as a story, but the more you are able to tell it as a narrative, the smoother it will come across in the interview. It will take a little bit of work to get there, but the time will be well worth it.

It's OK To Brag (A Little)

As we mentioned at the start, we are taught since childhood to be humble, but the interview room is not the place for this. Obviously, temper the bravado (while being true to you), but this is your time to tell them why you are the only one to hire for this job

Here Is a Framework We Encourage You to Enlist

Project Overview – This can be a quick 10-second overview of the overall project charter.

Project goals – Listing out the business drivers for implementing your solution will show that you not only understood the HOW but also the WHY.

Client Stakeholder Overview – Who did you and your team interact with during the project? Were your stakeholders internal team members, external clients, business line leaders, top-level executives?

Size of team/your role – Talk about the number of people and their roles on the projects. What were your specific roles and responsibilities?

Project outcomes in quantifiable terms – Did the project come in on time and under budget? Is it generating additional revenue of reducing cost?


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