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159 seconds that could change your life!

I don’t think this is my first post about post-interview follow-up. It definitely won’t be my last. Today, let’s just concentrate on the time (or lack thereof) that it takes to put together and send a thank-you email.

I had a great meeting with a potential client earlier this week (my version of an interview). I just put together a follow-up email that included the following:

  • A word of thanks

  • A few highlights of the conversation and where our service offering aligns

  • Request for next steps

Time to complete: 2 minutes 39 seconds

In a previous post about thank-you emails, we noted that we had recently tracked that fewer than 20 percent of interviewees actually send follow-ups after an interview. So, in just under three minutes, you can easily differentiate yourself from your peers and increase your odds to be starting your dream job in two weeks.

Happy Interviewing!

P.S.: I showed this post to my wife, who occasionally moonlights as my editor. I thought it might need a little more fleshing out. She said, “It’s short and sweet, and says everything it needs to say. Just like a good thank-you note.” The moral of the story being, don’t overthink and procrastinate on your note; just GET IT DONE.


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