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  • Michael Melendrez

Are You Realizing Your Inner-Awesome?

As you stare at your 42 open Chrome tabs, do you think to yourself, “My inner awesome is not being recognized”

The Right Role Brings Out Your Inner Greatness

Greatness/glory/awesomeness... is colored by the lens through which it is viewed. Sometimes that lens is called a quota. Other places, it’s the number of candidate submittals to the client. Arbitrary milestones that only serve to subdue our inner awesomeness, and make the world of recruiting far too transactional.

Building Companies by Changing Lives

At Red Circle, our lens is our mantra: building companies by changing lives.

“Changing lives? That seems a little extreme…” Well, helping someone find a new job and a new way to support their family is serious business; making sure the next person that joins a startup is aligned to and fired up by the culture and product is serious, as well. So yeah. We’re extreme.

Number of phone calls? Nah. Submittals? WHAT ARE THOSE?!

The Red Circle Culture Add

All that we ask is that you turn to the Red Circle mantra for guidance through each conversation you start, helping everyone get to where they want to go. Being awesome is about being yourself.

If you’re a recruiter, sourcer, TA professional, or whatever the hot term is this week, and you’re looking for a different kind of place to practice your craft, that recognizes how meaningful YOU really can be...let’s start our conversation.


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