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Build your team one value-aligned hire at a time.

We turn 10-person teams into 100-person communities that stand the test of time.  















Matches That Stand the Test of Time

Realize Your Vision

In our years working with founding teams we know that hiring and retaining talent is the #1 thing that keeps them up at night. 


It’s time to stop posting jobs and hoping for the best!


Instead, our recruiting methodology matches your vision with the team who will take you there.

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Grow Your Community

Whether you value grit, IQ horsepower, creativity, or gravitas, the startup hiring process is more than just finding your next coder.


It’s about connecting, not recruiting. 


We listen to your vision for the future and build a team that will make it a reality.

share your story

Your story is important. That’s why we ask critical questions about your values and vision for the future. 


  • Why do you do what you do?

  • What is your just cause?

  • Will employee #100 join the team for the same reason as employee #10?

  • What story are we telling?


We turn your story and founding vision into the cornerstone for hiring and retaining a value-aligned team.

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Find your culture add


Culture fit is out! It’s all about the culture add.


Instead of finding people that will fit into your current culture and maintain the status quo, we find strong individuals who will add to your diversity of thought. 


This approach cultivates the innovative thinking needed to help you realize your founding vision.


So, will you know it when you see it? Nah!


In reality, it takes a hiring profile that balances the skills, personality, and grit that will align with your values. We build that profile together and get to work.



growth-stage tech firms one person

at a time. 

The Red Circle story began 20 years ago as a notebook scribble on a train from London to Scotland. That scribble quickly turned into a vision to transform the face of tech startup recruiting. 


I realized that growing a team wasn’t about hiring or recruiting. It’s about connecting people. It’s about finding individuals who will believe in your vision and take your company where you want it to go. 


We’ve been at this long enough to know that having the right talent in place can make or break a startup that is on a mission to scale. 


At Red Circle, it is our mission to solve your number one problem as a founder: scaling your team from 10 to 100 person company and beyond.


“Building Companies by Changing Lives” is our mantra and, by leaning on this psychological fit theory, we do just that. 


That is our vision. What’s yours?



WHAT clients SAY

John, Founder of Synthesis Technology

Acting as part of our team allows Red circle to reach and attract candidates that a recruiter who simply matches keywords on resumes and job postings, simply cannot reach. 


We highly recommend Red Circle as one of the most unique, accomplished and professional recruiting organizations in the Chicago area. 

Pat, CRO of Fetch Rewards

Last year we needed to bring on a new team member to lead our growth in New York. Given our work in the past, I came to Red Circle for help. 


Again, I was impressed with the level of service. We successfully hired a new team member, and now, just short of one year of service with us, this individual has earned a promotion and stepped in to lead a team that is responsible for launching our new products.

Jim, CIO of Rasmussen

Throughout the hiring process, Red Circle consistently impressed and exceeded expectations. 


Through, dedication to a full analysis of the position, designing the ideal candidate profile, detailed status updates, exhaustive screening, interview management, and more. 


Red Circle has proven their value in the hiring process and I look to interacting with them in all my future hiring endeavors.

Chrissa, Maven Wave Partners

Over our 4 years of partnership (12+ years of total company partnership), Red Circle was to our growth.

Mike takes the time to build relationships with hiring managers and recruiting leaders and acts as an extension of the recruiting team. I always made sure to include him in requisition kick-off calls because he brought insightful market data and important questions to the table.

Mike and his recruiters helped hire the vast majority of Maven Wave's sales org and has seen similar success on the technical delivery teams.

Not to mention, Mike is an incredible mentor to both his internal team & his clients and is FUN to work with! Any company would be lucky to partner with Red Circle and I promise, they are worth every penny.

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